For soldering you should use a regulated soldering station with at least 50 watt and a fine tip.
The manual of the soldering station should definitely contain the word “regulated”. A regulated soldering station means, that it “knows” exactly the temperature of its tip. So it is able to readjust the temperature if its necessary. It is very helpful to have no temperature drop during soldering!

You should select a temperature of about 370 °C, depending on the soldering station the temperature can drift up to 400 °C. The best thing is to test it. You should use flux cored solder wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm.
The best for beginners is to start with lead-containing solder wire (SN60PB40).

Video: Soldering in 30 seconds.

It would be best to watch the video in full screen mode...

If your soldering doesn't work as you can see in the video, it can be useful to check the own soldering equipment and get someones help.


Shopping List

To get a good and motivating start in soldering there are two suggestions for tool equipments: