NIBO burger
Outline Data
Width: 126mm
Length: 108 mm
Height: 58 mm
Weight: 295 g (with rechargeable batteries)
NIBO burger ATmega16
Atmel ATmega16A
15 MHz
16 kByte flash
1 kByte SRAM
512 Byte EEPROM
Extensible to
128 kByte flash
16 kByte SRAM
4 kByte EEPROM
NIBO burger Getriebe
2 sensors
with Schmitt-Trigger
2 motors
with 125:1 gearing unit
reconfigureable to 25:1
NIBO burger Sensor Bricks
Sensor Bricks
4 IR-Sensor-Bricks
3 Colour-Sensor-Bricks
Sensor Slots
4 x front-side
3 x back-side
3 x bottom-side
NIBO burger LEDs
4 coding-LEDs
(free programmable)
3 status-LEDs
NIBO burger USB-Programmer
USB connection
Integrated USB-programmer
and battery-charger
with separate
microcontroller ATtiny44A
NIBO burger Shield Steckplatz
Shield slot
Integrated slot
for ARDUINO shields
(Pin-assignment in schematic)
NIBO burger Taster
3 funktion keys
free programmable
NIBO burger Wings
Protection of front sensors
optional applicable
screw-on type

Technic Details:

Main processing unit Atmel ATmega16A, 16 kByte flash, 15 MHz
Controller for programming via USB Atmel ATtiny44A, 4 kByte flash, 15 MHz
IR-Sensors 4 IR-Sensor-Bricks for contactless collision avoidance
Colour-Sensor 3 Colour-Sensor-Bricks (R+G+B) for surface colour detection
Sensor-Slots 10 Slots for variable sensor configuration
Actuators 2 motoren with 25:1 / 125:1 gear ratio
Odometry 2 IR-sensors for rotation speed detection
Power-Supply 4 rechargeable micro batteries (AAA, not included)
4,8 V supply voltage, integrated USB-charger
Status display 2 red and 2 blue LEDs (ultra bright), free programmable
Funktion display 3 white LEDs: power, programming and charging
Dimensions (W × L × H) 126 mm × 108 mm × 58 mm
Weight 295 g (with batteries)