The Arduino compatible maroon SHIELD offers an 8×8 LED-matrix-display in conjunction with a microcontroller (Atmel ATmega88A) and two input buttons. Control is easy to use: Text and grafics can simply be send over the serial interface.

maroon SHIELD (Open Source, Open Hardware)

The construction kit is Open-Source and Open-Hardware and can be used freely. There are no bounds to imagination: Lightning effects by night and day, scrolling text, display of values, funny animations etc.
Use the shield with your Arduino UNO:

maroon SHIELD with Arduino UNO

Or use the shield with your NIBO burger, maybe he will welcome you ;-)

maroon SHIELD with NIBO burger

Additional informations

Open Hardware

As an Open Hardware projekt, the details about the maroon SHIELD are complete open and everybody can use it without licensing costs. The schematic, the layout, the used components and the interfaces are accessible for download together with the sourcecode of the firmware in the SVN Repository on the ↷ Sourceforge-website.

maroon SHIELD PCB top    maroon SHIELD PCB bottom