Tuning-Kit for NIBObee and NIBO burger robots.

The kit contains an ATmega1284 with 128 kByte FLASH memory, an ATtiny84 with 8 kByte FLASH memory and a 20 MHz crystal.

The microcontrollers are pre-programmed and ready-to-use.

NIBO Tuning Kit


ATmega16 -> ATmega1284
FLASH: 16 kB 128 kB
RAM: 1 kB 16 kB
EEPROM: 0,5 kB 4 kB
Freq: 15 Mhz 20 MHz

ATtiny44 -> ATtiny84
FLASH: 4 kB 8 kB
RAM: 0,25 kB 0.5 kB
EEPROM: 0,25 kB 0,5 kB
Freq: 15 Mhz 20 MHz


The crystal must be replaced to use the Tuning-Kit!
The 15 Mhz crystel must be removed and replaced by the 20 MHz crystal.
Afterwards the two ICs must be replaced. Keep attention on correct orientation!
When the NIBObee is switched on, it should execute the program for first operation (NIBObee Construction Manual).

The Tuning-Kit contains a 10 nF capacitor, which may replace the R53 resistor of the NIBObee robot, if there are problems with the clock supply of the ATmega1284 microcontroller. The NIBO burger robot does not need the capacitor.


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