Main CPU ATmega128A, 128kByte flash, 16MHz
Co-prozessor Controller for the engine-unit and the distance measuring
ATmega88A, 8kByte flash, 16MHz
Input options 1 button, 1 jumper
Programming 6-pin AVR ISP programming device
Distance sensors 5 * IR emitter/sensors, reflection-method
Actuating elements 2 motors (a 1,5W) with 1:25 transmission
Odometry 4 IR-sensors to measure speed and direction of the wheels
Line detector 2 IR photoelectric barriers
Floor sensors 2 IR photoelectric barriers
Power supply 8 AA rechargeable batteries (not included in delivery)
9.6V on-board voltage, 5V stabilised
Status informations 8 bicoloured LEDs (red/green)
Lighting 2 bright white LEDs (>2250 mcd)
Motor-status 4 LEDs
Wheels Rubber wheels with 44 mm diameter
Display (optional) 128x64 pixel LC-graphic-display (monochrom)
Frame structure Aluminium
Communication IR-receiver for data transmission or rather remote control
Dimensions (L x B x H) 136mm x 131mm x 78mm
Weight 544g (with batteries and display)

Elaborate Sensor-System NIBO 2 has all-around IR-reflection-sensors and therefore he can realize his environment, detect obstacles and move complete autonomous.
Two Microcontroller The robot NIBO 2 uses an ATmega88A to control the engine unit and the distance measuring. Additional the high dimensioned ATmega128A can be used for own programming ideas.
Many LED´s Eight multicolour LEDs can be used for status informations and two bright white LEDs can be used for lighting.
Ready-to-use motor-control The robot kit is delivered with pre-programmed motor control, so you dont't have to be an expert in control engineering to let the robot move.
Power NIBO 2 has eight AA mignon rechargeable batteries (not included in delivery) with 1,2 V each. Therefore he can operate up to five hours with one battery charging.